Noelle is 3 years old and arrived at the Centre on Christmas Eve 2014, hence the name! She was orphaned at just 1 month old and hand reared but due to unfortunate circumstances desperately needed a home, she was temporarily fostered and well looked after before coming to S.E.A.R.C.H. She will be a beautiful horse and although not registered believed to be a Spanish thoroughbred, she has settled in very well and has responded to persuasive training already understanding many words, working well on the lunge line and enjoys walking out getting used to different sounds and objects, she will make a very nice calm riding horse and is looking for a loving new owner.

Update November 2017:

Noelle is an excellent student, intelligent and very willing to learn and is now being ridden and has a few party tricks to show off including Spanish Walk.

Update June 2018:

Noelle has been home, a wonderful new life for her in Germany with Melina , a former workaway student at SEARCH who formed an inseparable bond with her, the outcome for Noelle could not be better!

' Spanish walk'

Melina teaching Noelle to take a bow

Melina freeschooling Noelle and starting to teach her 'spanish walk'

Liberty training cross leg side step, Melina and Noelle