«NEW ARRIVAL» Spirit came from a desperate situation, his owner had a road accident and is in Hospital recovering slowly from severe brain damage and physical injuries, her young daughter is currently living with family relatives and there was no where for Sprit to go and no financial means to rehouse him, as the situation […]

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Alexandra, a kind elderly mare; overworked, underfed, abused and neglected, her legal owners no longer wanted her and agreed to hand her over to SEARCH. She has irrepairable damage to her back, very thin and in bad condition, she is thriving under the care of a foster family, had her badly neglected hooves expertly trimmed,

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PANCHO the baby donkey, at just one year old, was found alone, afraid. Hungry and thirsty abandoned in a field. The owner not known and not traceable and so he is now under the care and protection of SEARCH. He has been castrated, wormed and eating well , putting on weight and is more confident

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FIORE the mule, no longer wanted due to her age (late twenties) and infirmities she was discarded to fend for herself with virtually no food or water, after tense negotiations with her legal owner he agreed to hand her over to the care and protection of S.E.A.R.C.H. At the time of rescue Fiore could hardly

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«NEW ARRIVAL» Aniera, a 21 year old mare was rescued 4 years ago, she had permanantly lost the sight in one eye due to an inflicted blow to the head, She has been well looked after but due to the Emergency State of Alarm Situation this year her owner has lost all and had to

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«NEW ARRIVAL»  Bella was much loved by her owner who very sadly died and because of a chronic leg injury was unwanted so she has come to the rescue centre and we are treating her damaged ligament with bio-magnetic therapy, the injury is responding very well to the treatment and she is trotting and cantering

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Chica’s owner’s last wish before she sadly died was that her beloved horse, who she had rescued from a sad life of abuse and neglect, be taken care of. Chica is 28 years old and the ligaments and tendons in her back legs are severely damaged due to former ill treatment and she needs TLC

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«NEW ARRIVAL» Rebalita loves her new life her as she was kept in a closed stable. Now she has her own open stable and paddock and thinks she is in Heaven. Lovely to see. Rebalita is a lovely horse and was originally rescued by a dedicated horse woman 6 years ago, who, in her 80’s

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This poor horse has been used and abused for so many years; left at a Finca by his owner 10 years ago and then overridden long hours in the sun up mountains at a trekking centre and then discarded in a field when he became lame with a shoe imbedded in his foot, severe foot

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Amada is an 11-year-old horse that was locked in a shed barely bigger than her for 6 years. The shed was only cleaned out once a year, so she was standing in her own faeces and urine all of that time. The shed was in Southern Spain and had no ventilation, so she was confined

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