Training and Rehabilitating young / formally abused and traumatised rescue horses

Rescue horses that have been formally abused, starved and badly handled are confused, mistrusting and unwilling to cooperate sometimes resulting in aggressive defensive behaviour problems, they need understanding, rehabilitation and correct training to gain trust and respect for their handler. The training methods we use are based on Communication and Connection. Introducing clearly defined boundaries and consistency in order for the horse to feel more secure, happy and willing to co-operate and work with the trainer. 

Michelle demonstrating Join up with Jeanie
Melina teaching Noelle to take a bow
Melina freeschooling Noelle and starting to teach her 'spanish walk'
Liberty training cross leg side step, Melina and Noelle
Michelle demonstrating follow up freestlye with Jeanie
Melina Liberty training with Amada
Michelle teaching Debbie correct lunging of a young horse Ebony
Debbie connecting and liberty training with Jeanie
Andrea and Amada reconnecting after one year apart, Amada deeply mistrusts people but has a special connection with Andrea and has not forgotton
Debbie and Melody demonstrating teaching a horse to back and lower head to encourage rounding of the back for correct muscle developement
What can be achieved in 6 months with a rescue horse
Melina and Amada working together, hindquarters engaged, round outline and lovely neck stretch which Amada found difficult before, great progress.
Amada being ridden by Luna for the first time without the help of an attached line, responding and listening to rider
Great demonstration of Communication and Connection Liberty training. No confined ring (in a very big open field) or restraining gadgets
Melina and Noelle, a perfect partnership, demonstrating free will liberty training and what can be achieved between human and horse
Ebony now being ridden by Melina demonstrating what Connection training achieves; willingness and co-operation.
Melina doing correct ground work with Ebony, so important for a young horse, encouraging stretch down and back rounding to develop young muscles.
Melina and Noelle showing what can be achieved with KIND CONNECTION TRAINING, makes my heart sing!
True Connection, Liberty training at is best, the perfect partnership of horse and human, Melina and Noelle

For those who do not know the story:

Noelle came to us 6 years ago as a rescue, she was 6 months old. She had been orphaned as a baby and bottle fed, her owner then died and the family were unable to keep her. Melina came 4 years ago as a working student with a little experience, the 2 formed a very close bond and Melina fell in love, on her return visit she had already decided that Noelle had to be part of her life and so Noelle went to Germany, and look what they have achieved together, wonderful!