Maria was ridden 15 km to market with a fractured kneecap.
She was tied up in the sun all day with no water waiting to be taken to slaughter until a kind lady purchased her and gave her to us to look after.
We think Maria is also around 26-27ish years old and she has now been at the Rehab Centre for 4 years with no hope of re-homing because of her age and injuries.
She loves Gitana and it would be heartbreaking to split them up! Maria is our oldest resident and continues to enjoy her status of “leader of the herd”


Maria sadly passed away September 20th 2015
Maria, mother to the young and leader of the herd, died this morning and will be greatly missed by all.

A SAD GOODBYE to a lovely lady
Maria, the bravest horse I have ever known
How the Happy years here have flown
May your Soul fly free,
galloping over the hills and sea,
in our hearts you will always be.