Gitana was rescued from a local farmer in a skeletal state. She was so weak she collapsed twice on the journey to the rescue centre. She sustained irreparable damage to her back and leg tendons due to being over-served by stallions. She also suffered from narcolepsy due to stress which has fortunately diminished over time. Gitana is 29- 30ish years old and she has been at the Rehab Centre for 6 years with no hope of re-homing because of her age and health. Gitana continues to have a good quality of life, is very contented and has not had an ‘attack’ for a long time now.

Update November 2017:

Gitana has been instrumental in the rehabilitation of Amada giving her guidance and leadership, continuing to enjoy her life and well earned retirement.


Gitana, a grand old Matriach, sadly passed away after 9 happy years, after a terrilble Former life of starvation and cruelty she died knowing that not all humans are cruel and heartless.