Amada is an 11-year-old horse that was locked in a shed barely bigger than her for 6 years. The shed was only cleaned out once a year, so she was standing in her own faeces and urine all of that time. The shed was in Southern Spain and had no ventilation, so she was confined there during the high summer temperatures. She never had any contact with people or other animals except the man that kept her and fed her – solely on a diet of cucumbers. Also, due to many whip-like scars, believed to have been beaten and so has a deep mistrust of humans. Amada is loving the freedom and horse company but due to previous traumatism her rehabilitation will be very gradual.

UPDATE February 2016:

Emotionally tormented due to years of abuse and in physical pain caused by long term encaceration Amada receives deep healing from Jennifer McCann.

UPDATE November 2018:

Amazing Amada has made progression beyond belief, she has learned to trust and love humans and has now being ridden.

Melina Liberty training with Amada