FIORE the mule, no longer wanted due to her age (late twenties) and infirmities she was discarded to fend for herself with virtually no food or water, after tense negotiations with her legal owner he agreed to hand her over to the care and protection of S.E.A.R.C.H. At the time of rescue Fiore could hardly walk due to pain in her joints and badly neglected hooves, also very weak due to extreme hunger, she has now truly blossomed (Fiore means blossom in Italian) and is happily trotting up for her feeds and is getting lots of TLC in her current foster home, learning that not all humans are bad.

Update November 2023:

Fiore the mule, sadly old age and infirmities finally took it’s toll and she is no longer with is but enjoyed the time she was here being well cared for.