Toper was rescued at the 11th hour on Friday the 31st of May 2014 (she was due to go to the slaughter in Seville Saturday on the 1st of June). At only 10 years old, she has a long life ahead of her. Her history is unknown but it has since become apparent that she had been involved in an accident prior to arrival here, judging by the nature of her lameness she had sustained an injury affecting her back and neck which also resulted in muscle dystrophy, possibly caused by being tied up tightly for a long period of time resulting in a panic attack and consequent fall, after much therapy, slow rehabilitation and training she has fully recovered, is being ridden and looking for a loving forever home.

Update November 2017:

Toper now known as Lisa has found her forever home and is being loved and spoilt just as she deserves.

Toper being ridden:

Toper during training: