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Amada is a 9 year old horse that was locked in a shed barely bigger than her for 6 years. The shed was only cleaned out once a year so she was standing in her own faeces and urine all of that time. The shed was in Southern Spain and had no ventilation, so she […]

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Ebony, a beautiful yearling PRE filly, out of an established long line of thoroughbreds, moving with natural grace and presence. She has been halter trained and is used to kind handling and being loved! Seeking a loving, permanent home. Update November 2017: After spending 9 months at a foster home running freely on the mountains […]

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Jeanie, no longer of any use and considered ‘past her sell by date’ as a breeding machine was rescued from a terrible fate and with the help of kind supporters arrived at SEARCH heavily in foal. She was in such poor condition that it was doubtful she had the strength to give birth to a […]

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Toper was rescued at the 11th hour on Friday the 31st of May 2014 (she was due to go to the slaughter in Seville Saturday on the 1st of June). At only 10 years old, she has a long life ahead of her. Her history is unknown but it has since become apparent that she […]

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Gitana was rescued from a local farmer in a skeletal state. She was so weak she collapsed twice on the journey to the rescue centre. She sustained irreparable damage to her back and leg tendons due to being over-served by stallions. She also suffered from narcolepsy due to stress which has fortunately diminished over time. […]

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Kaiser was first rescued at the age of two months along with his Mother, Sahara – they were due to be sent for slaughter for Salami meat in Italy. They were both bought by a kind well wisher and given to the Charity to re-home. He has been a slow developer due to malnourishment at […]

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Sahara was originally rescued from going to the slaughterhouse along with her 2 month old foal, she has not had an easy life and now at 24 years old has come to the rescue centre for a happy retirement and thoroughly enjoys the freedom to play with the other horses and eat to her heart’s […]

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Noelle is 3 years old and arrived at the Centre on Christmas Eve 2014, hence the name! She was orphaned at just 1 month old and hand reared but due to unfortunate circumstances desperately needed a home, she was temporarily fostered and well looked after before coming to S.E.A.R.C.H. She will be a beautiful horse […]

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Estrella was previously rescued from a gypsy, at the time she was thin and in very poor condition and had endured much suffering changing hands 15 times. Due to unforeseen circumstances and through no fault of her own she needed a safe haven to experience peace and tranquillity in her twilight years (estimated age late […]

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Maria was ridden 15 km to market with a fractured kneecap. She was tied up in the sun all day with no water waiting to be taken to slaughter until a kind lady purchased her and gave her to us to look after. We think Maria is also around 26-27ish years old and she has […]

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